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Place of Origin : China

Brand Name : IMF

Certification : ISO9001

Model Number : Plastic

MOQ : 1 Set

Price : US$1000

Packaging Details : Wood Packing

Delivery Time : 90days

Payment Terms : T/T L/C

Supply Ability : 100Set/week

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In wikipedia, Plastic is a material consisting of any of a wide range of synthetic or semi-synthetic organics that are malleable and can be molded into solid objects of diverse shapes. Plastics are typically organic polymers of high molecular mass, but they often contain other substances.

In Chinese, Plastic is a monomer as raw material, through the addition polymerization and polycondensation reaction of polymerization of polymer compounds (macromolecules), commonly known as Plastic (Plastics) or resin (resin), free to change the style, composition and form consists of synthetic resin and packing, Plasticizer, stabilizer, lubricant, ink additive composition and so on.

The main components of the Plastic resin.Resin the term was originally named by lipid secretion produced by the plants and animals, such as rosin, shellac, resin is high molecular compound has not been mixed with various additives.Resin accounts for about 40% ~ 100% of the total weight of Plastic.The basic properties of the Plastic mainly depends on the nature of resin, but the additive also plays an important role.Some Plastic is basically composed of synthetic resin, less or no additives, such as organic glass, polystyrene, etc.So-called Plastic, in fact, it is one of the synthetic resin, the shape is similar to the pine resin in natural resin, but for synthetic through chemical method, and is called "Plastic.

Plastic is an important organic synthetic polymer materials, the application is very broad.But Plastic waste of "white pollution" is becoming more and more serious, if we can learn more about Plastic composition and classification, not only can help us to use Plastic products, scientific and conducive to recycling Plastic, and effectively control and reduce the "white pollution".

PET terephthalic acid glycol polyester (PET)

"1" PET is often used in: mineral water bottles, carbonated beverage bottle, etc.

Use: it can only be heat to 70 ℃, easy to deformation.Only suitable for the warm drink or beverage, hot liquids, or heating is easy to deformation, and release harmful substances to human body.Scientists also found that the no. 1 use 10 months later, the Plastic may release carcinogens DEHP, has toxicity to the testicles.

Note: don't recycle bottles with hot water.Can't put inside car in the sun;Don't put wine, oil and other substances.

So bottles and other finished lose, don't again used as water glass, or other objects, used to make containers holding so as not to cause health problems actually do more harm than good.

High density polyethylene HDPE

"2" HDPE commonly used: cleaning supplies, bath products packaging.

Use: can be reused after careful cleaning, but these containers are usually not good cleaning, residual original cleaning products, become a hotbed of bacteria, you'd better not recycled.Don't be used as water glass, or used for other goods storage containers.

Note: it is difficult to thoroughly clean, recycling is not recommended

PVC polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

"3" PVC used in: common raincoat, building materials, Plastic film, Plastic boxes, etc.Rarely used in food packaging.

Use: this material Plasticity is good, price cheap, so use is common.When only 81 ℃ heat resistant, high temperature easy to produce harmful substances, even in the process of manufacturing will release toxic substances.If food enters the human body, can cause diseases such as breast cancer, birth defects.This kind of material has been less used in packing food container.If you are using, don't let it is heated.Difficult cleaning residue, not recycled.If the drinks don't buy.Note: cannot be used in food packaging

LDPE, low density polyethylene

"4" LDPE is often used in: cling film, Plastic film, etc.

Use: heat resistance is not strong, in general, qualified PE cling film in the hot melt phenomenon occurs when temperature over 110 ℃, can leave some of the human body cannot decompose Plastic preparation.The oils and fats in food is easy to dissolve harmful substances in cling film.Therefore, the food in the microwave oven, to remove the wrapped in Plastic wrap.Produce harmful substances at high temperature, toxic substances with after food enters the human body, can cause diseases such as breast cancer, birth defects.Note: use the microwave, don't food with Plastic wrap.

PP polypropylene

PP "5" is often used in: microwave boxes.

Common soya-bean milk, yogurt, fruit juice beverage bottle, microwave boxes.As high as 167 ℃, melting point into the microwave oven is the only safe Plastic box, can be reused after careful cleaning.Note, some of the microwave oven, the box body to 5 PP, but the lid is on no. 1 PET manufacturing, due to the PET cannot be affected by high temperature, so it can't together with the box body into the microwave oven.Note: when the microwave, take off the lid.

PS polystyrene

"6" PS is often used in: bowl of instant noodles box, snack box.

Use: heat and cold, but not into the microwave oven, so as not to release chemicals because the temperature was too high.Note: don't use the microwave oven cooking bowl of instant noodles.

PC other classes

"7 PCS" commonly used in other classes, kettles, cups, bottles.Department stores often use such material glass as gifts.Easily, releasing toxic substances, bisphenol A is harmful to human body.When using do not heat, do not direct drying in the sun.


1. Most of the Plastic corrosion resistance is strong, does not react with acid, alkali.

2. Plastic manufacturing cost is low.

3. Durable, waterproof, light.

4. Easy to be with molding into different shapes.

5. Is a good insulator.

6. Plastic can be used for the preparation of fuel oil and fuel gas, so that we can reduce oil consumption.


1. Recycling waste Plastic, classification is very difficult, and economic not worthwhile.

2. Plastic is easy to burn, burns produce poisonous gas.Such as polystyrene burns produce toluene, this kind of material a few can lead to blindness, suction have the symptom such as vomiting, PVC combustion will produce toxic gases hydrogen chloride, in addition to burning, is the environment of high temperature, can lead to Plastic decompose toxic ingredients, such as benzene.

3. The Plastic is made from petroleum refining products, oil resources are limited.

4. Plastic is buried in the ground hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of years, also does not decay.

5. Plastic heat resistance is poorer, such as easy to aging.

6. As a result of the Plastic cannot natural degradability, it has become the no. 1 enemy of mankind, has also led to the deaths of many animals.Animals such as monkeys at the zoo, for example, pelicans, dolphins, will ingest visitors with throw bottles 1, finally because without digesting and painful way to die;Looks beautiful and pure sea, near the look, actually, gone with the wind, crammed with all sorts of unable to oceans contain Plastic, intestines in Dead Sea birds more sample, found all kinds of Plastic cannot be digested.

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